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Ambur Muslim Educational Society
Mazharul Uloom College
Sons of Soil fromAmbur
M Rafeeque Ahmed
Mr. M. Rafeeque Ahmed
Dr Ahmed Ali
Dr. Ahmed Ali
Free Medical Consultancyu
Dr. SovietRaj, Kuwait
Graduation Day Ceremony





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Ambur is a developed Industrial Town of Vellore Distrist in Tamil Nadu, India. Ambur is located at the 'Palaar' River Bank,on the Madras - Bangalore High Way, both sides at a distance of approx 180 - 200 Kms.

Ambur Town has come a long way in the annals of the history of the French and the English. Ambur had been a place where the forces of these two foreign powers tried their muscles to establish their respective rules.

As the records of olden history faded away from the minds, Ambur Town has seen a constant development and counted at par with the brightest industrial hubs of Tamil Nadu State.

Ambur has a diversified population - Christians, Hindus and Muslims living in areas adjacent to one another with harmony and tolerance to one another, since ages. They mingle with one another with so ease in such a away that they surely set a best example for the communal harmony. They trade with each other. Their children study in each other's schools convenient to them.

You turn to anywhere at Ambur, you could see a best example of living together, sharing and caring.

The peculiarity of this Town is such that all the prominent places such as Railway Station, Bus Terminus, Police Stations, Court, Hospital, Market, Colleges and Schools are situated within a walkable distance.
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This Website Offers a variety of oppotunities to Ambur Citizens to go On-line globally with their Businesses and other activities.

Offers from in and around Ambur or any other City/Town are also welcome to start a Commercial/Social/Personal Web Sites of your own in your name or in the name of the business or in the name of the Town/City itself.

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Leather Processing :
Ambur is one of the Centres for Leather Industries, since long. Leather Processing is traditionally carried out here by several Tanneries.

Ambur has several ISO certified Shoe Factories, which produce Shoe Upper, full shoes, etc. for Exports.
Leather Shoes
Leather Goods
Most of the citizens are employed in these Leather and Shoe Factories and well settled. There are several small and cottage industries pertaining to Shoes and other Leather Goods, Industrial Hand Gloves and many other derivatives and by-products of Leather.

Ambur retains the best talents of Leather Processing and handicraft of leather articles. Leather goods are available to suit everyone's pocket and fit to everyone's budget.
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Hospitability Of The Citizens ...

The best functions and family feasts are held at Ambur and Amburians are very famous for their feast of Biryani. The traditional cooking methods using big copper utensils called Degh, using fire-wood as fuel with perfect and balanced ingredients, are the specialty of the preparation which gives an unforgettable taste to the Guests.... ReadMore
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