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Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore
Grand Graduation Day Ceremony
University Degree Cap

A much awaited Graduation Ceremony of Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur was held to award Degrees and Diplomas to the Successful Students for the year 2008 & 2009. The Grand function was held in the NMZ Auditorium of the College.

The program was stared right at 10.55 am on Wednesday, the 19th July 2011. On arrival of the dignitaries, recitation of Qiraath in Arabic by one Student, and reading of Translation in English by another was held, followed by felicitation versus in Tamil by all.

Janab M Nazar Mohammed Saheb, Secretary & Correspondent of the Mazharul Uloom College (MUC) declared the opening address of the Graduation Day.

Dr PM Adil Ahmed, Principal of the MUC presented the Report of the College activities, while welcoming all the Guests.

Prof. D. Nisar Ahmed, the Former Principal of MUC presented the felicitation address.

The Presidential address was set for Dr. Hema Prasad, Chairperson, Global Institute of Engineering and Technology, Melvisharam & Secretary of Indian College of Education, Vellore.

In her elaborative address, she explained the inspiration she received during her assignments at Taif, Saudi Arabia and in London, UK. She stressed the need of 3-D formula - Discipline, Dedication and Dignity with which it would be possible for every student to achieve the goal of life.

Thufail Graduation

Delivery of the Graduation Day Address was done by Dr. A Jothi Murugan, Vice Cancellor, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore

After this, Degrees to the Successful Student for the year 2008 and 2009 were presented jointly by the Principal, PM Adil Ahmed and the Vice Chancellor Dr. A Joshi Murugan.

Imran Graduation

On completion of the Degrees Awarding program, the Principal administered the pledge to all Awardees, and finally declared the Ceremony dissolved. At the end of the program, National Anthem was played while everyone standing with due respect.

Design Separator

We, the responsible citizens of Ambur, would like to put on record the following incidents and bring to the notice of the Organizers of the Graduation Day, which will help them impove their College Functions, in future.

Elaborative arrangements were made for the function, with prominent personalities of the Academic field sharing the dais, the Auditorium was full with seating arrangements for more than 500+ Awardee Students, a very few VIPs countable on finger tips. etc, but having no room for the poor parents who played a key roll in the life and in the making of the students during the tenure of 3 years in the College for Graduation ! There were about 225 seats placed outside the auditorum under three Shaminas erected with Bamboo support, There were two wide LCD TV Screens placed both the sides of the Shamina. Almost 125 seats were occupied by the parents, who came all the way to see their dear sons wearing the Black drop-overs, getting Degrees (a fruit of 15 years labour). All the parents were made to sit outside the auditorum, unabling them to see the Live Program.

A larger Hall could have been arranged, or the entire state of affair could have been arranged on the vast open ground available in the college premises, with beautiful Shaminas and Pindal arrangements.

It was very pathetic to see the students cutting sorry figures and feeling small before their parents, since they were not allowed inside the Auditorium. To our surprise, there was none to welcome the parents, nor to say at least a Hello, from the Organizers of this Function. On the contrary the organizers were seen ensuring no-entry to anyone from the Parents seats. It seems that the parents were not VIPs to the Organizers. Islam holds high the position of teachers next to the parents, but the Organizers of the Graduation Ceremony failed to place the parents in their VIP list !!

This distasteful and contemptuous behavior going against the Islamic culture and hospitality should be corrected and improved upon in future programs of the College or better not to call the parents at all, in order to avoid inflicting on them such an insult, leaving alone any bestowal of honor, or a courtesy welcome gesture.

After all our sons of soil entered into the list of Graduates....

Let us keep smiling consoling ourselves, in adjusting mode ....

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