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Guide to Get Online Jobs


How To Get Jobs Online - BPO Jobs - Data Entry Jobs - Designing Jobs - Form Filling Jobs - Earn On line - Inetnet Jobs
Want to get started with online jobs?
The Ins & Outs of getting the online jobs
How to get Online jobs
How to get online jobs

Should you need to launch a Big Ship, then go deep seas !!

If you are a person who is looking for fast bugs, trying to make millions over night, then this guide is not for you.  If you are really need to know about how to start an online job of your own with patience, efficiency and steadfastness, then read on …

So many people are aspiring to do online jobs. But they do not know how and where to start !  Most of the times, they are lured to websites which require them to pay for registration and then wait for a long time to get any data entry type of job.  The companies hiring them pay scantily for one or two assignments and then vanish into the blue.  A novice who knows only typing is the most gullible for such frauds. We have seen people paying hundreds of thousands of rupees / US Dollars as deposits to get data entry jobs apart from having a set up of several seaters, office space, plenty of computers with sufficient staff, yet starving, or out of jobs after one or two assignments here and there. Their accomplished jobs are rejected under one pretext or the other saying accuracy of the typed matter.

AmburNet.Com, on receiving several demands of such jobs and complaints of frauds from Companies and Free Lance Data Entry Operators, decides to play its part to make such susceptible people aware of the risks and shows some ways setting proper means to achieve something they desire from doing online jobs.

Qualifications : First of all, you must be qualified enough for a job online. For a minimum qualified person, basically you must be a qualified typist, or a computer operator irrespective of your education and degrees that you have in your credit. If you do not possess a certificate for that matter, never mind, you should at least know typing fast with formatting procedures.  Additionally, you should know html code.

In order to be seen on the top of the ladder, you can just add some gems into your crown – Photoshop, Flash, Fire Works, Paint Shop or any other graphic program of your choice, any programming language like C, C++, Java, J2E, website designing, .Net, PhP, Dreamweaver etc. in order for you to spread your wings of search for online jobs. You should know the data conversion programs apart from simple Data Entry and Form Filling.

It is not necessary always to work hard.  Most of the times you will have to work smart.  Instead of trying to gain all the talents at once, you can hire or join hands with different people with various capacities and skills.  This will pave the way for a confident move for an online job hunt. When you explain yourself as a team, you would be able to put together all the talents and experience of each member, which will make your team look like a well qualified, talented and professional.

Your Own Identity :  You or your team needs to have your own Website. It would not be difficult or economically impossible for you to have a website of your own when you operate as a team.  This will make your team a recognized company on line.  The website will make you trustworthy Business Process Outsource to deal with. If you have your own website, you could retain a copy of your work to list all your accomplished jobs, as your Portfolio for others' referecne.

Should you need to move in such a direction, contact the author of this article to have established a website for you or for your business, in the most economical yet professional way. 

Free Stuff will make you and your services unreliable. Do not opt for Free Hosting Service, Free Designing Software or any Free stuff because this would hamper your professionalism lowering the chances of your winning a job. Free stuff would not only put your operations under limits but also mostly such offers would vanish from the scene, rendering all your efforts useless.

Register Yourself with Several Webs :  There are a number of websites that offer Freelance Services. (Freelance does not mean a Free offer).  Here Job Providers and Job Seekers register themselves offering their services.  Once your qualifications and experience or knowledge of a given job meets the need of the Employer, you would get a job to accomplish the same online. The Free Lance website would charge you a very nominal cost for their service, in making both of you to meet, chat, introduce, select online and complete a job of your choice.

Describe Yourself to Attract Employers: Here, if you are a team or a single person, you may need to describe in details about your professionalism, Qualifications, knowledge and skills to do a job online. You might be required to give details in a given format to shortlist you for a job.  You can describe as best as possible about your talents, your sample works, your other experience of a particular type of job you have successfully completed.

The comments and recommendations of other Employers whose jobs you have already finished may enhance the chances of your winning additional jobs. The chain would thus continue to make you a successful online performer.

To ease your efforts, listed below are a few Websites where you need to register for online jobs :

Freelancer.Com, Freelancefree.com, Elance.Com, Project4hire.com, guru.com, freelancerswitch.com, Indianfreelancers.net, ifreelance.com; vworker.com; odesk.com, If you need more, just Google out with key words : Free lance BPO jobs. Hongkiat.com lists about 50 such websites for you to explore.

Bidding for a Job :  Start from a small or well versed and easy job for you to accomplish.  Once that is finished successfully, you will get comments of the Employer about your professionalism, timing, neatness, workability, team work, intra-personal skills, your fee structure compared to the work done etc.  All these will automatically help you fetch another offer from another member.

In order to be over smart and to look like a costlier performer, do not bid too high or do not make yourself so naïve or novice to do a job at the cost of peanuts. This way you would make pretty good Clients judge you so cheap, discarding your service offers.  Be flexible rather than of a fixed price. Try to offer discounts, stick to the time limit.  Time is the essence of any contract that you get into.

Should you need to launch a big ship, then go deep seas ...

Wish you good luck in your on line job search ....

How to get online jobs

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